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The AIDS Walk Assistant


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February 15 Update: Photos from the Red Ribbon Campaign on Parliament Hill-Ottawa for AIDS Awareness Week 2013.

Al with  Minister of Health Rona Ambrose and Monique the CEO of the Canadian AIDS Society.

Al with Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau and Monique the CEO of the Canadian AIDS Society.

February 5 Update: Check out this new campaign we are involved with, through the Aids Coalition of Nova Scotia .

For Information on this program in the northern region of the province, please email nacs@eastlink.ca or call 902-895-0931.

The Bottom Line

Know the Bottom Line

We know a lot of information today, thanks to Twitter, Facebook, websites, our friends, etc. But, there are some things we need to know that can be hard to talk about or find information on. For example, did you know that…

· …people under 25 years old account for almost ½ of all the new HIV cases worldwide…

· …81% of new cases of Chlamydia and 67% of new cases of gonorrhea were among youth?  ?

· …youth (aged 15 to 29) are at higher risk for hepatitis C and sexually transmitted infections?

· … 66% Canadian youth that were sexually active; 32% had not used a condom the last time they had sex?

· …in Nova Scotia in 2012, the highest rates of Chlamydia were found in females aged 15 to 24?

· …80% of condom failure is due to misuse?

· …there is currently a rise in the number of syphilis cases in Nova Scotia, mainly among men that have sex with men?

· …you can be tested for free and confidentially in your community (or surrounding area) for HIV and other STI’s?

Download a set of our fact cards Bottom Line campaign cards. They are set to print on printable business card sheets that can be bought at Staples or any other office supply store.

Check out these links for where to go, and for what you want know!

HIV and STIs:






Information or Testing:

If you’re in the HRM area:





If you are outside of the HRM:




Or visit your family doctor, and/or a local health clinic. If you’re not sure what to do, ask someone you trust.

For more information on HIV, STIs and safer sex, check out these sites!





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